LPWAN 2.0 Pervasive IoT

Our innovations in low power wireless shall see wide-area IoT reaching “things” beyond billions

Best-in-Class Sensitivity:

30-50km line of sight coverage

Ultra-Low Power consumption:

Our long range wireless sensors are powerd by coin cell,printed batteries and harvested ambient energy

Pushing the boundary of LPWAN:

Ground network in conjuinction of satellite IoT enabled more applications in logistics, agriculture, and energy

Software Define IoT for LPWAN2.0:

Our multi-protocol SoC converges LPWAN, Sattelite IoT and RFID on the same chip

LPWAN 2.0 technology

ZETA, evolved for many years through R&D effort by ZiFiSense, is being promoted by the ZETA Alliance as a global LPWAN 2.0 (Low Power Wide Area Network) standard that works in the sub-GHz bands. With Advanced M-FSK®, an innovative baseband modulation technology at the physical layer, ZETA has industry-leading reception sensitivity (up to -149.2dBm) and higher rates (20 BPs-200 KPS).

  • Agriculture
  • Industry
  • Asset Management
  • Building

ZETA Chip/Module

ZiFiSense have launched a number of ZETA series chips and modules together with other members of the ZETA Alliance, such as China Mobile and Socionext

  • Ultra-low cost
  • Milli-watt power consumption
  • Smaller size
  • Best-in-Class sensitivity
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ZETA Network

Access to ZETA Network is available in the form of “Dedicated Motorway/Highway Network”, “City Roadblock Network” and “Enterprise Private Network”.

  • Nationwide Coverage
  • Mobile sensors access at upto 120km/h
  • Data Security
  • Complete API and Scalable
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ZETA Cloud provides users with a complete set of PaaS services for fast integration of sensor data onto the Cloud:docker-based public/private cloud deployment, API access, and data visualization.

  • Cost-effective Solution
  • Software and Hardware Integration
  • Flexible Deployment
  • Cloud Data Security
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Use cases

  • SAIC-GM-Wuling

    Visualization of supply chain

    SAIC is one of the top automotive OEM in China. ZETA based sensor solutions has been deployed to help SAIC-GM-Wuling build a digital and intelligent logistics platform, realizes visual management of packaging and containers for JIT (Just In-Time Supply Chain), warehousing, etc., while reducing costs and increasing efficiency, optimizing supply chain logistics resources, serving agile manufacturing, and responding to flexible production.

  • Southern Cement Company

    Predictive maintenance

    Southern Cement Company adopted ZETA Network and Edge-AI vibration sensor solutions. We build a ZETA ubiquitous IoT network for cement plants, provide predictive maintenance of rotating equipments. Other IoT hardware for inspection can be easily added onto the ZETA Network.

  • BAOWU Steel

    Low-carbon economy

    By deploying the ZETA enterprise IoT network, BAOWU’s factory is able to comprehensively monitor energy usage across a wide range of equipment, optimize system processes, reduce energy consumption, and increase production efficiency.

  • China Post-Guangxi Province

    Parcel Visualization

    China Tower and ZiFiSense jointly launched the "ZETag parcel geolocation service" to provide Guangxi China Post with a end-to-end tracking service for high-value parcels: real-time tracking from delivery to receipt, abnormal transportation routes and triggering of alerts for parcel being opened during transportation, and real-time acquisition of temperature data, etc., which greatly improves the quality of express delivery services.

  • Siam Cement Group (SCG)

    Industrial IoT

    Headquartered in Bangkok, Thailand, Siam Group (SCG) and ZiFiSense jointly developed a number of ZETA sensors with embedded AI for condition monitoring.The sensors have been deployed at scale by SCG in its chemical plants and cement production line within itspredictive maintenance system for a wide range ofrotor machines. SCG is also promoting the application of ZETA IoT in use cases beyond Industrial IoT such as smart buildings, smart factories, and smart cities in Southeast Asia.



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