5G, WiFi and other existing technologies have not solved to date the issue of ultra-low-power, long-distance, real-time, two-way wireless communication.
To address this issue, ZiFiSense and HopeRF, a leading wireless communication chip maker based in Shenzhen China, announced the joint launch of ZETA M-FSK chip. The chip, planned to be available in October 2021, is dedicated to building an extremely low-cost and highly scalable chip solution.
HopeRF is a high-tech enterprise founded in 1998 focusing on wireless RF and sensors field, having a number of international technologies for IoT and chips design and holding the original "NextGenRF" algorithm patented technology.
ZETA M-FSK low-power WAN chip excellent backward compatibility, low cost and scalability will bring new solutions to the traditional FSK, LPWAN and active RFID chip markets, including smart industry, smart agriculture, smart logistics and home appliances, logistics, meters, bicycles, agriculture, industrial manufacturing, municipal transportation, wearable, hotel apartment door locks, etc.
The chip has built-in packet processor, low voltage detection, precise signal strength detection, channel listening, clock recovery and other rich functions, which can interoperate with most 2FSK chips on the market. Advanced M-FSK can increase the communication speed through multi-value modulation, and increase the communication rate range to 100bps-100kbps. At the same time, the chip adopts upstream and downstream asymmetric communication (up to 256FSK support for uplink and 4FSK support for downlink), and FSK modulation mature RF design scheme and manufacturing process enabling significant reduction of chip costs.