Get to know ZETA

ZETA, developed for many years through R&D efforts by ZiFiSense, is promoted by the ZETA Alliance as a global LPWAN 2.0 (Low Power Wide Area Network) standard that works in the sub-GHz bands.

ZETA is also the first LPWAN communication standard in the market that supports Mesh Access and that is optimized for Edge-AI. Our vision is to develop wireless IoT chips that achieve the “THREE-10” goal for LPWAN 2.0 ubiquitous IoT, that is to say: 10 cents USD cost, 10mw power consumption and 10km signal coverage.

  • Battery life-time

    (>10 years)

  • Capacity

    (10 Million/KM²)

  • Sensitivity


  • Transmission rate


  • Size


  • Cost

    (<10 cents USD)

Advanced M-FSK® modulation technology

The Advanced M-FSK® modulation and coding technology invented by ZiFiSense allows the ZETA LPWAN system to achieve an outstanding receiving sensitivity (up to -149.2dbm), a very flexible transmission rate (20bps-200kps) which providing reliable communication for moving objects under 120km/h, in order to meet the demand of fragmented, diverse and complex IOT use cases.

Develop LPWAN 2.0 products with ZETA