ZETA, originated from the many years of R&D effort by ZiFiSense, is being promoted by the ZETA Alliance as a global LPWAN standard that works in the ISM (sub-G and 2.4 GHz) bands. The standard deploy multiple Ultra-Narrow bands (UNB) channels for wide area coverage and deep signal penetration. It also goes one-step further to incorporate distributed access to sensors through a low power multi-hop topology and support of Edge-AI through a special algorithm-upgrade framework over-the-air.


With Edge AI, sensor devices in the ZETA network are equipped with “Intelligence” – they are capable of processing of captured signals or volume data at the very edge using embedded algorithms or neural networks that can be continuously updated by the Cloud on-demand through a narrowband connection, so as to ensure data security while benefiting from the low power and deep coverage merits of LPWAN.

IoT Platform

Our IoT platform, ZETA Server, combines CMP (Connection Management Platform), DMP (Device Management Platform) and AEP (Application Enabling Platform) into a generic PAAS (Platform As A Service) that covers most LPWAN applications.