ZETA Alliance is a global technology alliance that aims to promote the ZETA LPWA standard for a wide range of IoT solutions based on the Advanced M-FSK modulation technology originally developed by ZiFiSense. The technology differentiates itself from the crowd in the market with a set of innovative wireless communication technologies that deliver the very low cost long range connectivity for the vision of “Disposable IoT”.

ZETA Alliance (Japan)


  • 01  To create a platform to enhance cooperation, capability and competence among alliance members
  • 02  To build an experience and information sharing platform
  • 03  To provide a platform for joint technical development of ZETA protocols and technologies
  • 04  To localise ZETA service provision through a global consortium
  • 05  To grow local and international manufacturing capabilities for ZETA hardware
  • 06  To facilitate exchange of ideas to promote ZETA technology in difference sectors

Membership Benefits

No. Benefits Promoter Adopter Public Academic
01 Board voting rights (on budget, board decisions)
02 Initiate and chair in Working Groups
03 Develop compliant official ZETA Certified products
04 Participate in the development of ZETA specifications
05 Web release of ZETA Alliance (list of products and services)
06 Participate in Working Groups
07 Participate in general or annual members meetings
08 Participate in mutually hosted operation events
09 Access of ZETA technical information
10 Access of ZETA related marketing materials
11 Participate in activities such as domestic and international seminars
12 Receive ZETA technical information regularly by mail
13 Receive ZETA related marketing materials regularly by mail
14 Use of ZETA Alliance logos for marketing
15 Participate in regular business matching activities
Membership fee (annual amount) TBD 0 0 0

ZETA Alliance (Japan)

  • 2018 06/01

    The ZETA Alliance (Japan) was formally established in Tokyo, Japan on 1st June 2018. Techsor, ITAcces, QTNet and Toppan Group are the board members of the alliance.

  • 2018 08/31

    The first ZETA Alliance conference was successfully held in Tokyo Japan on 31st August 2018. Since the establishment of the alliance on 1st June 2018 by 8 initial founder members, the number of alliance members has been tripled in less than three months.

  • Official Website of ZETA Alliance (Japan):https://zeta-alliance.org/