IP Licensing

ZiFiSense licenses the ZETA related intellectual properties (IPs) to ZETA Alliance members who are willing to develop ZETA product in target vertical markets. The ZETA license enables 3rd party vendors to build ZETA modules, gateways and other ZETA products for providing high efficient, reliable and cost-effective IoT services.

In September 2018, ZiFiSense signed the first IP licensing deal with Toppan Group, allowing the Japan-based multinational corporation to enrich their IoT products using the ZETA low power and wide area network (LPWAN) technology.


The ZETA LPWAN module is a highly integrated low-power narrowband communication module introduced by ZiFiSense. This module has a built-in ZETA® protocol that provides access to a wide range of seamless coverage of the metropolitan area network. It uses UART transmission interface, and provides a standard sensor interface and a simple and friendly secondary development instruction set. With this module, developers are able to quickly scale up IoT coverage, and minimise the development costs and risks simultaneously.


ZETA Access Point (AP) is the gateway connecting all ZETA network devices to the Internet cloud through either cellular network or existing broadband infrastructure. At the uplink, the AP collects all sensor data based ZETA protocol, and then sends them to the ZETA server seamlessly using standard internet protocol. At the downlink, it can deliver control instructions through customised channels (e.g. broadcast, multicast, or unicast channels) according to different user scenarios. It also supports power of Ethernet (POE), multiple network interfaces, bi-directional communications and flexible network management mechanisms allowing very easy installation, low-cost maintenance, and high channel capacity. 


Low power mesh motes (intermediate nodes) create a smart routing mechanism though series of wireless hops. They can improve and extend IoT coverage by avoiding obstacles and eliminating signal blackspots in a highly efficient way.