ZETA Cloud

ZETA Cloud provides users with software and hardware integrative PaaS service.

IoT Device -“Your Service Experts”

ZETag Infrastructure Management

Massive access | Data to the cloud
Automated upgrade | PaaS supporting services

We provide LPWAN 2.0 IoT cloud platform, support any ZETA IoT terminal access, provide PaaS support services, complete cross-industry, cross-field, cross-scenario IoT applications, and complete digital, visual devices management. At the same time, according to different user scenarii, private networks and private cloud can be built, with low cost, high security level, high efficiency and easy operation/maintenance, indeed promoting ubiquitous Internet of Things.

0.1USD per Shipment to Realize Tracking

Low cost to 0.1 USD | Digital logistics product affordable to everyone
Trajectory playback | Real time location

“Chip tracking + Network coverage + SaaS” goods tracking solution can solve the invisible and hard to inquiry problems of LTL shipment with no dead end and can support functions like: self-determining inquiry, real time location feedback, trajectory playback, notification for departure/arrival, alarm for abnormal situation, trajectory backtracking, time efficiency analysis.

Speaking “Machine assistant”

24/7 monitoring | AI Analysis
Fault alarm | Predictive maintenance | Self-learning algorithm

ZETA AIoT terminal can monitor in real time the operating status of industrial equipment, such as vibration and pressure. The terminal has built-in intelligent algorithms, machine learning + auto-adjust threshold algorithm + diagnosis and can extract key features and health status in order to upload them to SaaS cloud platform. Fault alarm for predictive maintenance is 1/3 entire life-cycle ahead compare to ISO standard, ensure a safe and stable production, and can help your factory to start industry 4.0 transforming.

More Cost-Saving, Worry-Free and Labor-Saving

Full Process Tracking | 24/7 Online | Visualization | Data Analysis
Unmanned Inventory | Abnormal Alarm | Online System

We help to solve problems in WMS, such as difficulties to track complex circulation nodes, indistinct asset information, raw material control, imprecise inventory. We offer ZETag SaaS solution so that you can easily digitalize your assets by tagging them to help you reducing enterprise procurement cost and improving management efficiency, making the asset management more cost-saving, worry-free and labor-saving.