On June 14, 2019, the 4th Alliance DAY was successfully held at Shinagawa Crystal Hall in Japan. This event attracted more than 260 participants and was the most attended by ZETA Alliance Day.

"This participation can clearly feel the increase both in the number of people and standard of the meeting. I feel the demand for ZETA throughout Japan is expanding. "One participant said.

ZETA Alliance DAY is a regular event organized by the ZETA Alliance to help more people understand and use ZETA to contribute to the “super-intelligent society”. With growing influence of the ZETA ecosystem, more and more heavyweight companies choose to join the Alliance and start using ZETA standard.

On this ZETA Alliance Day, NTT DOCOMO and SOFTBANK joined the alliance as Promoter members, of which NTT DOCOMO was elected as a new board of directors for the alliance.

NTT DOCOMO is Japan's largest mobile communications operator with more than 60 million subscribers and provided LTE commercial network services as early as 2010.

SoftBank Corp., a Japanese-listed company in 1994, is a comprehensive venture capital firm focused on IT industry investment, including networking and telecommunications. Softbank has invested in more than 600 companies worldwide and has a majority stake in more than 300 IT companies.

At the meeting, Nishi Kazuhiko (former VP of Microsoft) from the IOT Media Lab of the Graduate School of Engineering at the University of Tokyo, made an introduction to 4 different type of IoT use cases in the grand scale. Oozeki Masaru, Director of the Business Promotion Department of the UTV Docomo Business Promotion Department of the NTT Docomo Intelligent Life Promotion Department, gave a speech entitled “NTT Docomo's Efforts in the Next Generation of Intelligent Agriculture”. Zhuoqun Li, the CEO of the ZiFiSense gave a speech on the theme of "ZETag - what next?", giving a detailed explanation of new product – “ZETag”.

The founder of Aski, Dr. Nishi Kazuhiko, who is known as Japan's Bill Gates, explained his recent views on the LPWA Network and the elements needed for LPWA's success with an easy-to-understand explanation, pointing out how important of LPWA is in the field of IoT in the future. Based on the success model of personal computers (PC) in the past, Dr. Nishi Kazuhiko believes that the business model is the key to "become the winner of the IoT business." He said: “The goal is not to become a monopoly company, but to promote business development by sharing technology and sharing business.”

Mr. Oozeki Masaru, from NTT DOCOMO, explained his initiative for new agriculture (next generation agriculture). He described the importance of ZETA LPWA in agricultural ICT, including case studies using ZETA agricultural solutions. The further plan of NTT DOCOMO is forming a new agricultural working group and strengthen cooperation with ZETA alliance partners to achieve smart farming with promising prospects.

ZiFiSense CEO Dr. Zhuoqun Li introduced the latest product – “ZETag”. ZETag has characteristics of low power consumption, ultra-thin and long-distance with low cost which is closed to traditional RFID, it is expected to be widely used in the field of intelligent logistics in the future. Dr.Li also said that the 920 MHz ZETag will be released in the future and expecting to carry out its business in Japan. Currently, the ZETag working group has been initiated and established by TOPPAN.

After speech, itaccess, maxell, Techsor, TOPPAN, ZiFiSense, ACCESS, NEUSOFT Japan and Dr. Nishi Kazuhiko started an enthusiastic discussion for the topic "The future of ZETA and ZETA alliance in the latest equipment".

In Japan, new equipment using the ZETA module (embossing system) is gradually increasing. As a ZETA authorized company, TOPPAN is mass producing ZETA modules, and ZETA is becoming more and more popular.

In addition, in August 2019, the ZETA Alliance will officially announce the establishment of a certification system and the establishment of TECH CENTER.

Finally, ACCESS senior data scientist Mr. Matsumoto Kimihira gave a presentation on the use of data analysis technology to analyze IoT instruments. At the same time, the ZETA equipment, ZETACloud Platform and ZETA-compatible sensors demonstration were simultaneously displayed in the venue. With the expansion of the alliance and the expansion of ZETA's influence, the number of ZETA-compatible devices is steadily increasing.

ZETA is an LPWA standard for unlicensed bands independently developed by ZiFiSense. As the foundation technology is 100% China patent, ZETA has frequently appeared in the international field of vision and got recognized by well-known enterprises both at home and abroad. With the joining of the two major operators, the development of the ZETA Alliance will enter the fast lane.