Established in 1913, SCG stands as a pioneer of innovation in Thailand. Leveraging ZETA's cutting-edge Edge-AI vibration sensors, SCG actively monitors over 2000 critical components in its chemical plants. Our collaboration goes beyond conventional monitoring, extending to Smart IoT terminals that elevate data support for robust insights.

Incorporating the ZETA network, one of SCG's clients revolutionizes facility management across applications like energy management and IAQ monitoring. Overcoming the challenge of monitoring critical equipment in a utility room without power supply or I/O points for the interlocking system, the ZETA network, coupled with a wireless vibration sensor, emerges as the optimal solution. Placed on the return water pump, the ZETA Edge-AI Vibration and Temperature Sensor plays a pivotal role in real-time machine condition monitoring and analysis. Its successful application in a real-case scenario bolsters confidence for both the client and SCG, showcasing its effectiveness in alerting the facility management team to potential machine breakdowns.

Following the installation of the vibration sensor on May 9, 2023, continuous monitoring of the machine's condition ensued. The sensor's AI learning process commenced on the same day and concluded on May 16, 2023.

On May 19, 2023, the sensor reported an alarm regarding a potential bearing failure due to the detection of high acceleration rms. The facility management team believed that this may be an error since the sensor was only installed for a couple of days. However, the motor of the return water pump broke down on May 23, 2023, with the bearing failure as informed by the sensor.
SCG's success exemplifies ZETA's prowess in predictive maintenance, emphasizing the crucial role of Edge-AI sensors in ensuring operational continuity, reducing downtime, and optimizing maintenance practices. As a trailblazer, SCG sets the standard for industries seeking efficient and proactive solutions in equipment health monitoring.