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ZETA® Low Power Wide Area (LPWA) Networking Module

Networking Module
  •  Ultralow-Power Consumption and Low Cost Communication Module using UNB (Ultra Narrow Band ) Technology
  •  City-Range Coverage Multi-hop Network
  •  Millions of End-Devices in ZETA Protocol based LPWAN
  •  UART Transparent Communication Interfaces, Standard Sensor Interfaces and User Friendly Redeveloping Command Sets
  •  Highly Integrated Communication Module, Low Developing Cost and Risk
  • Key Features

    Transmission Range: 2-10km (City Environments)
    Output Power: < 15dBm
    Sensitivity: -137dBm
    Frequency Band: 433, 470, 500, 787, 868, 916MHz etc
    Data Rate: 100bps-50kbps
    Modulation Mode: GFSK

  • Power Consumption

    Supply Voltage: 2.4-3.6V
    Power Consumption(Standby Mode): < 5uA
    Power Consumption(Receive Mode): < 27mA
    Power Consumption(Transmit Mode): < 55mA

  • Hardware Interfaces

    Communication Interface: UART
    Sensor Interface: GPIO/SPI

  • Basic Info

    Size: 29mm× 15mm×2mm
    Operating Temperature: -20°C-75°C

  • Firmware

    UART: Transparent Transmission Bridge and Signal Processing
    ZETA Protocol: Random Access; Multipoint Access; Mesh Network
    OTA: Over-the-Air Update

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