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ZETA is an industrial IoT networking technology that was created with its distinctive concept of distributed LPWA; thanks to its patented integrated design of ‘Mesh Access’ and ‘Virtual OFDMA’. It allows high data collection and extensive wireless sensors control by using a SINGLE ultra narrow band (UNB) channel, no matter whether it is in the busiest districts of the New York city, the Sahara Desert or the Britain’s historic market town.

Network Architecture

ZETA Network is composed of access point (AP, PoE or solar-powered), mote (optional, dry-cell battery) and sensors (dry or coin-cell battery). AP connects ZETA Network via the ZETA server to the Enterprise Network on the Internet.

Mote can be deployed at the location where it is most needed to relay signal to the AP. Multiple motes can be interconnected to form a mesh network that effectively expand the coverage, provide a self-healing topology and guaranteed QoS.

All ZETA devices are designed to be easily deployable, so they are not dependent on main power supply – an entire city can be covered in weeks.

Key Features

  • Bi-Directional Communication
    Our real bi-directional communication supports the UL (data feed) and DL (control signaling) transmissions with sensors, at the time or in the event you have specified.
  • Low Power
    All ZETA devices go into sleep mode most of the time; the power saving features enable a battery life of up to 5 - 10 years, depending on the actual transmission duty cycle or waking up events.
  • Ultra Long Range
    Excellent sensitivity provides 2 - 10km range in urban areas. Longer range connectivity is possible in rural locations or where the propagation condition is ideal.
  • Mesh Access
    Battery-powered Motes can be run within a self-healing multi-hop network. It provides effective communication links between the sensors and APs that overcome NLOS conditions. Motes can also be used to offer multi-path connections for extra reliability.
  • Paging Mode
    The operation mode of ZETA network that allows all devices in the network (AP, Mote, or Sensor) to stay in deep sleep mode most of the time.
  • Best-in-Class Capacity
    A combination of ZiFiSense innovations – a highly distributed network architecture with its own Mesh Access, virtual OFDMA and multi-hundreds Hz UNB channels - delivers 3 to 10 times extra capacity against the existing LPWA solutions.
  • Secure
    Support of frequency hopping (over 50 channels), time-based authentication, MAC address filtering and optional AES-128 or LCG-based lightweight data encryption.
  • Flexible Data Rate and Spectrum
    Operates in sub-1GHz ISM bands (e.g. 433, 470, 500, 787, 868, and 915MHz) and supports data rate in the range of 100bps-50kbps. All ZETA devices are hardware agnostic in terms of the RF front-end and they could be easily adapted in order to operate in the licensed spectrum.
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