In the process of logistics for inbound vehicles, the requirement for on-time order fulfilment is extremely high, and failure to complete orders in time will result in large losses. In the actual logistics process, because of the inability to monitor the positioning of the performing vehicles in real time, it is often not possible to obtain on time when the goods are loaded, when they arrive at the main plant and when the order can be fulfilled.
A high speed rate triggering gateway is installed at the entry and exit vehicle gates of the OEM & VMI warehouse, a ZETag is placed on each vehicle and the vehicle plate is bound to the tag at the platform level.
When a vehicle enters or leaves the gate where the high speed gateway is set, the tag is automatically triggered and the platform automatically determines the order fulfillment and vehicle arrival.

Achieving results
l Improved transit time and efficiency from origin to destination
l Improved control and visibility of the supply chain through technology empowerment
l Realizes real-time tracking and visual management of vehicle locations in the transportation process
l Paperless operation for suppliers to retrieve logistics carriers within the JAC factory, with the platform layer automatically matching the number of logistics carriers and automatically releasing them when they leave the factory to improve the efficiency of the factory.

1) Entrance

2)Installation of ZETag on vehicles

3)Gateway triggers tag arrival punch