JD Logistics
Pallet asset management, solving the problem of high loss rates and achieving recycling

This e-commerce logistics procurement ZETag system realises the whole process visualisation of pallet flow and low-cost logistics containers. Zongxing Technology uses ZETA gateways with a transmission distance of 3-5km to lay out a stable ZETA network in logistics warehouses and transport vehicles, and carries ZETag to realise the whole process visualisation and tracking management of logistics carriers and goods.
In South China, the ZETA network covering 100 WS and own vehicles equipped with ZETA gateways
l Full process control of the flow of pallets, with traceability data for lost pallets and a significant reduction in loss
l Significant increase in pallet utilisation rate compared to pre-project
l Implementation of ZETag tags linked to goods to visualise the whole internal supply chain