Guangxi China Post:
Tracking and real-time status monitoring of critical and valuable items, enhancing brand value and expanding business areas

ZiFiSense is using the province's base station resources to build a ZETA network through a partnership with China Tower, and Guangxi Post is using ZETag to provide full-flow tracking of its 50,000 key high value-added shipments on a daily basis. This cooperation is the first service in the world to use IoT cloud tags on courier pieces to achieve real-time track tracking.
Achieving results
l Visualize the end-to-end transportation process trajectory to reduce disputes and complaints and improve management
l Packaging box recycling tracking and statistics to promote green transformation of logistics packaging
l Safety traceability improves the quality of postal services and is expected to stimulate its business growth rate of 10%-30%
Value Realization
l By carrying ZETag on parcels, the end-to-end transport process trajectory can be visualized to enhance customer experience.
l Disputes and complaints arising from mail in transport packing to the process of transport can be traced, which can be justified in the face of complaints, thus reducing the complaint rate.
l By carrying ZETag, parcels can be monitored throughout the whole process for missed loading, missed dispatch and unpacking on route, thus improving management.
l Timely update of sender, receiver and postal track to enhance postal service capability.
l Tracking and statistics on box recycling through ZETag to strengthen ecological protection.
l Helping the postal service to improve its business share in the stock market and expand the scale of business in the incremental market.