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ZETA Summary  Summary

ZETA is a carrier-grade LPWAN technology developed by ZiFiSense which owns more than 10 domestic and international invention patents. With our unique low-power mesh access mechanism and active two-way communication, ZiFiSense offer customers top-class low-power IoT network solutions.

Network Architecture  Network Architecture

Network Architecture

    ZETA Server

    ZETA server (a professional OSS platform that can be deployed locally or using cloud services)



    ZETA Base Station



    ZETA Mote (battery-powered, flexible deployment)



    ZETA Sensor Devices (battery-powered, can easily interfaced with a variety of applications for different business scenarios)

Functional Characteristics  Functional Characteristics


    Bi-Directional Communication

    Our real bi-directional communication supports the UL (data feed) and DL (control signaling) transmissions from/to sensors at the time or when they are triggered by a user-defined event.


    Multi-hop self-organizing network access

    Flexible networking, blind area coverage, node convergence, network self-healing.


    Multiple protocol version

    A variety of protocol version can be customised to suit the needs in difference user scenarios.


    Ultra-low power consumption

    Allow deep sleep mode with very short wake-up delay. Battery life can be extended to 5-10 years.


    Ultra-long range

    Ultra-narrowband technology with high receiver sensitivity to assure stable transmission of 2-10km in urban environments. Longer range connectivity is possible in rural locations or where the propagation condition is ideal.


    Flexible Data Rate and Spectrum

    ZETA can operate in all license-free sub-1GHz ISM bands (e.g. 433, 470, 500, 787, 868, and 915MHz) and support data rate in the range of 100bps-50kbps. All ZETA devices are hardware agnostic in terms of the RF front-end and they could be easily adapted in order to operate in the licensed spectrum.


    Multiple security mechanisms

    Provide efficient security solutions for IoT applications. Support frequency hopping (over 50 channels), time-based authentication, MAC address filtering and optional AES-128 or LCG-based lightweight data encryption.


    Best-in-Class Capacity

    A combination of ZiFiSense innovations – a highly distributed network architecture with its own Mesh Access, virtual OFDMA and multi-hundreds Hz UNB channels - delivers 3 to 10 times extra capacity against the existing LPWA solutions.

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