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ZETA-Lite Outdoor

ZETA-Lite Outdoor

ZETA-Lite Outdoor innovates street lighting by delivering LPWAN coverage and energy-saving control on existing street lighting infrastructure in cities. It offers remote street lamp control as well as IoT connectivity simultaneously. Coverage for city-wide IoT applications can be deployed without incurring any additional cost. With lamppost distributed around cities, ZETA-Lite outdoor helps businesses and city councils create a powerful IoT environment across every corner of municipality.

Street Lighting IoT  Lighting Iot

IoT applications carried over ZETA-Lite Outdoor

IoT applications carried over ZETA-Lite Outdoor

Key Features  The Feature Of The Scheme

Smart Lamp Controller

Smart Lamp Controller

ZETA Lite Outedoor System Architecture

ZETA Lite Outedoor System Architecture

ZETA-Lite system builds energy-saving controller and ZETA mote or modules into every street light allowing multi-hop mesh access and distributed sensing through relays of ZETA nodes in a self-organising network.

Data are collected efficiently by a ZETA-Lite concentrator which connects all sensing information to ZETA-Lite PaaS built in the internet cloud for IoT asset management, lighting control, faulty detection and real-time information collection throughout the network.

ZETA Lite Outedoor System Architecture
  • - Command response time is 3-6 seconds

    - 1-2km coverage range per lamppost @2.4kbps

  • - Single command can complete all street lamp inspection

    - Effective Data collision detection and prevention

  • - Supply wireless portal for IoT

    - Support low-power sensing

  • - Remote Upgrade – Platform Control Devices

    - OTA Upgrade -Air Interface Control Devices

  • - Support Multiple Sub-GHz Bands

    - Support 100bps-50kbps Data Rate

  • - Self-healing Core Network

    - QoS Routing Optimisation

  • - Access Authentication

    - Data Encryption

    - MAC Address Filtering

  • - Support Frequency Hopping Communications

    - Support Multi-channel Selection

ZETA-Lite、 ttZigbee、PLC Comparison
ZETA-Lite、 ttZigbee、PLC Comparison

ZETA-Lite、 ttZigbee、PLC Comparison

Light Control Functionality  Light Control Function

Status Enquiry

Provide switch on/off, illumination, current, voltage, power status information at any moment when an enquiry is made.

Online Upgrade

Remote software/OTA upgrade for all lights, gateways in the cloud or through handheld devices.

Map Function

Provide Geographic information base on Google/Baidu maps. Lights can be controlled directly on the map.

Statistical Information

Data visualisation for energy usage and saving per day/month/year.

Fault Alarm

Automatic fault alarm, fault detection and diagnosis, and troubleshooting record tracking.

Automatic Inspection

Inspection of any light or group of lights. Self-definable inspection cycle.

Remote Switching on/off , Illumination Adjustment

Remote control of any light or group of lights

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