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ZETA-Lite Indoor

ZETA-Lite Indoor

An innovative indoor light solution provided by ZiFiSense – ZETA-Lite indoor is a transformative technology that enables energy saving as well as access of various indoor IoT applications without incurring additional deployment cost.

  • Energy Saving

    Energy Saving

  • Plug and Play

    Plug and Play

  • Light-On-Demand


  • Interconnected Lamps

    Interconnected Lamps

  • Remote Inspection

    Remote Inspection

  • Cloud Control

    Cloud Control

  • Programmable Control Policy

    Programmable Control Policy

  • Access Expansion

    Access Expansion

According to statistics, the average light-up time in car parks is more than 20 hours per day. Some high-end car parks may adopt 24-hour uninterrupted lighting to provide the best user experience and safety.

Access Expansion

ZETA-Lite provides a smart solution to save energy as well as to maintain the same-level user experience and safety. It senses the movement of human and vehicles and turns on the lights to maximum illumination ahead. After a time lapse, the background lights are dimmed down to a much lower level in an energy-saving mode. This solution offers substantial energy saving for indoor lighting in various scenarios, including car parks, warehouses, large storages, offices, and shopping malls etc.

IoT Applications with ZETA-Lite

With ZETA-Lite smart lighting infrastructure, businesses can complete an indoor IoT network rollout without incurring any additional cost by using lighting modules as gateways for smart building applications. ZETA-Lite module combines energy-saving control and ZETA connectivity as well as other IoT protocols (e.g. BLE, Zigbee, Thread, etc) on a single platform, and therefore, creates a virtualised IoT platform allowing new business to provide IoT service equivalent to ‘Cloud computing’ in a service agnostic manner.

  • Property Maintenance

    Property Maintenance

    Remote sensing for indoor facilities allows property owners to track facility status and detect any fault in the most efficient manner in terms of both time and costs.

  • Indoor Localisation..

    Indoor Localisation

    With ZETA-Lite, users can easily localise and track human and objects carrying sensors indoor. No additional hardware installation is required.

  • Indoor Security and Surveillance

    Indoor Security and Surveillance

    With ZETA-Lite, users can quickly roll out new networks for security sensing or help existing security system densify surveillance nodes and add new features.

  • Smart office

    Smart office

    Workplace occupancy detector based on ZETA-Lite supply accurate and real-time occupancy status of work stations or office benches for office manager and staff. It can also cooperate with the indoor localisation function to deliver smart asset management services.

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