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Connected Community

ZiFiSense helps build low-cost smart community solutions and products from end to end. ZETA community offers highly secure, healthy, prosperous, sustainable living and efficient management experiences for residents and property managers.

Community IoT  Community Iot

Connected Community

IoT Applications  Application Scenarios

  • Door Security

    Door Security

    ZETA Community provide highly secure and user-friendly door security system for easy property management and highly efficient security control and tracking. It cooperate with CCTV and front-end artificially intelligence processing to perform facial recognition, identify and record any security risks as well as to connect other IoT applications for smart community.

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  • Smart Community Lighting

    Smart Community Lighting

    ZETA- Lite: Energy saving and IoT connectivity in a single lighting platform.

  • Smart Community Parking

    Smart Community Parking

    ZETA transforms the traditional parking in community into an integrated and easy manageable IoT platform that can significantly improve efficiency in use of indoor and outdoor parking facilities.

  • Community Environment Management

    Community Environment Management

    Temperature/humidity, PM2.5 and other environmental data can be collected through the ZETA network to identify any environmental risk and provide quantified information to all community stakeholders.

  • Smart Greening

    Smart Greening

    Through sensing of soil quality, sunshine duration and other climatological indicator, ZETA network is able to provide smart and automatic irrigation for community gardens and greens.

  • Remote Meter Reading

    Remote Meter Reading

    Ultra-low power ZETA smart metering network allows accurate data collection and battery life-time of over 8 years for any home smart meters.


    Black/White list Reporting


    Call Recording Reporting


    Unlocking with Biometrics (pupil/Iris, face and fingerprint)


    Door Security Record


    Fault Alarm


    Emergency Unlocking Authorisation

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