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Oss Platform  Oss Platform

ZETA server offers professional network management and maintenance functionalities. It can support ZETA/LoRa/NB-IoT connectivity simultaneously and is able to help customers with fast network deployment, improving operation efficiency, supporting powerful suite of APIs and accelerating time to market.

ZETA Server

  • Carrier-grade platform

    Carrier-grade platformCarrier-grade platform

    High capacity, high performance, extremely reliable and secure.

  • Data visualisationData visualisation

    Visualised network status with User commands menu bar.

    Data visualisation
  • Power suite of APIs

    Power suite of APIsPower suite of APIs

    Support wide range of APIs, e.g. Restful/MQTT.

  • Multi-standard compatibilityMulti-standard compatibility

    Support connectives and end devices of multiple LPWAN standards e.g. ZETA/LoRa/NB-IoT etc,

    Multi-standard compatibility
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